Dishwasher install

Many automatic washers are available at present. You can install a sink which contains one as an integral part or you can purchase a free-standing dishwasher to add to your present kitchen. The brands vary greatly in design, but all use the same principles in cleaning dishes and utensils.


Most automatic dishwashers are attached directly to the house plumbing, although a few are equipped with two rubber hoses, one to be attached to a faucet, the other to drain into the sink. In addition to the plumbing connections to the hot-water supply and drain, the dishwasher is either plugged into a wall outlet or connected to a special outlet on the dishwasher, this outlet being in turn connected to the house or line wire.

The fully automatic dishwasher has a mechanical valve to which the hot water supply is joined. It turns the water on and off during operation. A hand valve should be situated in the hot-water line before it reaches the water valve on the dishwasher.

The hand valve will facilitate repairs. The trap from the dishwasher should be connected to the dishwasher drain by a slip joint. The slip joint will allow for some adjustment in connecting the trap to the drain line in the floor or wall.

The electrical connection should be made according to the manufacturer's directions. Before making it, ascertain whether local ordinances require that a licensed electrician do the job. The same thing also holds true for the plumbing connections.

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