Bathroom install


Utility should be your first consideration in planning a now or remodeled bathroom. Beauty and economy are important but secondary; the convenience of those who are to use the facilities must come first. Keep utility in mind, and when you have solved your bathroom problems, the entire family will be assured of the greatest convenience at the least cost.

The high material and construction costs that now beset us have brought about a trend away from the large bathroom toward one that is small and functionally designed. One logical innovation, for example, is the placing of the linen closet inside the bathroom. This provides an easily accessible space for storing towels, washcloths, soap, toilet cleansers, and the overflow from the medicine closet.

Plan a bathroom to meet not only your present requirements but your future ones as well. A young married couple should anticipate the need of space for baby's bathinette; any family will want to allocate, some part of the room for drying extra laundry.


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